Khmer Thai Restaurant

Welcome to Khmer Thai Restaurant Khmer Thai restaurant offers Cambodian and Thai cuisine cooking. We serve dishes from mild to medium to very spicy. So, if you looking for a great tasty meal please visit us at Khmer Thai located on 1018 St, Clair Ave West.

From August 8 to September 1 we will be open for dinner only from 5pm-9pm
We will be Closed Today on August 20th

Special 1. Mild chicken with lemon grass, peanuts, coconutmilk with rice $10.50

Special 2. Red Currry beef with sweet potato, peanuts, coconutmilk with rice $10.50

Special 3. Yellow Curry chicken with eggplant, sweet potato, coconutmilk with rice $10.50

Special 4. Spicy Phad Thai with beef, fried noodles with vegetables $10.95